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Our patrol security is the leader in the field.  Our patrol security vehicles are highly marked and can be seen throughout Southern California.  We are not just a parking enforcement company.  Our private patrol security is a crime deterrent.  With the high presence of our patrol security vehicles it can prevent vandalism before it starts.  Our patrol vehicles are all purchased brand new with the latest technology resemble local law enforcement models. If you’re concerned for the security of your family or business, the security professionals at Southwest Patrol have the solution that is right for you. All you have to do is read the local papers or watch the evening news to know that burglaries of businesses and homes have reached near epidemic proportions. Don’t take chances with the safety of your family, employees, valuable personal belongings or business assets.

  • Shopping Center & Retail Security
    Security Guard Platform offers expert retail security services to shopping centers, malls, lifestyle centers, and more. n expert in handling the unique challenges of your industry… We are your shopping center/ retail security specialist.

    Security Guard Platform, Inc. offers uniformed protection services to a diverse clientele, including government agencies, military installations, Fortune 500 companies, high tech companies, heavy manufacturing sites, educational institutions, and Class-A offices. Our uniformed officers will help you ensure better safety and security of your people and assets, ultimately protecting the integrity of your organization’s reputation and operations.

  • Commercial Facilities

    Commercial facilities such as manufacturing and storage buildings need a security presence that covers several different concerns. These types of facilities are often very large and cover a large area. Because of their size, a single guard placed at an entrance isn’t enough to secure the entire premises. Most commercial facilities require several different levels of security.

  • Office Security

    Office buildings require specialized internal security systems that are designed to protect not only the staff, but also the confidential nature of the business that is conducted within. Internal surveillance cameras and security personnel placed at the entrance of the building are just two ways to secure this type of business. Many large corporations use a keycard or pass code system that allows them to gain entry into their specific office area once they have passed through the security checkpoint in the lobby. In addition to an alarm system that runs throughout the entire building, there is also an emergency connection set up between the alarm and the local authorities so that they can be immediately dispatched if necessary.

We have Security Guards For:
  • Commercial Facilities

  • Office Security

  • Maritime
  • Cemetery
  • Restaurants
  • Weddings
  • Clubs / Bars
  • Parking Lots
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
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Highly Customizable

We fully understand the field requirements

Every client will get their own portfolio so that we can meet all your protection needs. We tailor an outline based on your requirements, location, and needs. Regardless of the environment our security officers have been trained to deal with any type of threatening situation. Once we are hired by our client our officers undergo extensive training specific to your site/ portfolio to provide the protection you need.

Award Winning

The highest quality security service available.
We offer premium security and surveillance services in a variety of packages suited to your custom needs. We offer competitive pricing and ensure that our guards and our services are trained to the highest standards possible. All of our guards are trained extensively and are well prepared to handle any type of threatening situation that may arise. Requesting a quote is simple and free with same day response. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Music To Your Ears

We can match or beat any rates you have been quoted and still provide exceptional services.

Our officers are highly trained and are licensed for CPR/First Aid, Pepper Spray, Baton, Firearms and Power to Arrest. Security Consulting Group is bonded and carries higher insurance than the state’s required general liability, workman’s compensation and commercial auto liability insurance policies. All of our officers are trained to promptly respond in times of emergency and crime.

Easy To Work With

We are California’s largest #1 provider of security for homes and businesses.  We will go above and beyond to ensure your maximum safety.

Ultra Responsive

Simply having cameras at your workplace is not as effective these days. Having actual security officers at your site will help improve your day to day operations and help your business run more smoothly. Regardless of the environment, our security officers have been trained to deal with any type of threatening situation. You the client will receive daily activity logs and emails that provide online guard patrol data.

Flexible Schedule

The vast size of shopping centers may pose certain security risks. Our officers are trained to handle any problems that may arise in this type of setting. All of all officers are equipped with radios for better communication and if needed golf carts will be supplied. In additional to all this, daily reports will be provided detailing all officer activity and surveillance performed on the site.

Residential Security


Airport Security

High Rise Buildings


Armed Security



Auto Shows



Retail Security

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